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Help Wanted / Air Brush Techs / Photogragher / Artist,  Apply @ 314 Bowdoin Street, Dorchester Ma 02122 or you can call 617-427-0810 and ask for the manager.  We also have vendor space available in the store for aspiring entrepenuers everything included .  We also sub-contract out work as well to responsible vendors so if you are interested then call the number above or E-mail: You can have all the talent in the world, but if you cannot show up and your word is no good then your useless.    

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The Amazing Airbrush is a a full scale airbrush training shop and we also do work for hire dedicated to the airbrush lover who wants' to Smoke It Up!  We specialize in clothing, truck tailgates, or interior custom airbrush design in your auto, home, or office. We specialize in custom signs and banners for any event.  The Amazing Airbrush can bring it to reality know matter what even temporary tattoos or body painting for that special event.  The amazing brush requires you to decide what you whant and where you want it because it takes time to put it together if you do not know what you want it will cost more hard earned money/Paper.  The Amazing Airbrush is available for consultations also.


The Amazing Airbrush  

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